«Castle Keep (1969)»

Castle Keep (1969)

Release Date: 1969
Genres: Drama / Romance / War /
Country: USA   
Cast: Burt Lancaster ( Maj. Abraham Falconer ), Patrick O'Neal ( Capt. Lionel Beckman ), Jean-Pierre Aumont ( The Count of Maldorais ), Peter Falk ( Sgt. Rossi ), Astrid Heeren ( Therese ), Scott Wilson ( Cpl. Clearboy ), Tony Bill ( Lt. Amberjack ), Al Freeman Jr. ( Pvt. Allistair Piersall Benjamin ), James Patterson ( Elk ), Bruce Dern ( Lt. Billy Byron Bix ), Michael Conrad ( Sgt. DeVaca ), Caterina Boratto ( Red Queen ), Elizabeth Teissier ( Red Queen Girl ), Anne Marie Moskovenko ( Red Queen Girl ), Marja Allanen ( Red Queen Girl ), Patrick O'Neal ( Capt. Lionel Beckman ),
Rating: 6.1
;Castle Keep


Toward the end of World War II, a small company of American GI's occupy an ancient castle. Their commander has an affair with the countess in resident. One guy falls in love with a Volkswagon. A baker among them moves in with another baker's wife. A group of shell shocked holy rollers wander the bombed out streets. A GI art historian tries vainly to protect the castle and its masterpieces.



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